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London Travel Zone 4 is an external London territory of open transport, it covers dozens of tube stations, train and bus lines. It is generally an external London Zone that administers precincts like Kingston and Richmond upon Thames, Waltham, Hounslow and a few others.

You could say that it’s a peaceful, suburban region. Don’t get me wrong however, it doesn’t imply that its exhausting, an complete opposite actually, there’s such a great amount to see in Zone 4, things that just wouldn’t fit in the inward city or would get immediately debased if not annihilated there. Case in point old houses of worship and manors like the Westminster, processes that are as of now standing, some of them even practical. Richmond upon Thames, the main district that lays on both sides of River Thames in London, is especially wonderful with lavish, green zones and park and the Hampton Court Palace and the recreation center that encompasses it.

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